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When I was young I used to wish upon stars. I’d look up at that vast, inky blue above me and as soon as I spotted that first star, I would make a wish. Most parts of me really believed that it could come true. When you are young, before you have truly started to walk your path in life, you can be naive. You are still innocent, unhurt, vulnerable and you want so badly to take life in your hands and mold it into the shape you desire. Years, days, form you instead and life takes a shape of it’s own. Oftentimes, you find yourself traveling down roads you once thought of as dead ends only to find they curve and twist into longer roads that lead to different paths. As you age you realize that you cannot count on wishes to always come true and stars to grant your deepest desires. It takes more than a mere thought to shape a dream. I still love when night falls upon the earth with millions of tiny white dots poking holes through the blackness. I still search out that first bright white star and gaze into it. Only I don’t wish on it. I simply admire it’s beauty and the glow that surrounds it. As the years have added up and I have become older, I know that stars are not wish granters that hold some magic power. That power comes from within me and I am responsible for the decisions I make that lead to the roads I walk, that in the end, will shape my journey, will shape me. The stars are merely a beautiful distraction that help guide me. Small lights aglow, when my path grows dark.