She is…

She is freedom and captivity all rolled up in one. There are days when she runs wild and nothing can hold her down. And there are days when she feels trapped by the confines of life and she questions everything. Her soul is a little bit of fire and a little bit of ice. She sometimes strays from who she wants to be but she always finds her way back. She finds life highly addictive in all of its highs and lows. She feels blessed but also cursed. She knows that life can change in an instant and she sometimes finds herself waiting for the shoe to drop. She feels deeply and loves hard and when she says that she will always be there, she means it. Her heart is delicate but she is strong. So if you love her, love her deeply. Give her your heart and all that you are. Be in one hundred percent. She will excite you and show you life in a whole new way. And with her, you will never, ever be the same person that you were before.


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