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Beautiful mama

Young girl is watching sunset over Tokyo

Beautiful mama, stop comparing yourself to that woman on Instagram, your friend who seems to have the perfect everything, your neighbors who just bought that new something or other. 

You are you and they are not.

Theodore Roosevelt once famously said that” Comparison is the the thief of joy” and no truer words have ever been spoken.

When we compare ourselves we fail ourselves.

Here’s why, there’s no one else, in this entire universe, who is you.

You are rare. 

A lone creation. 

God created you, beautiful mama, in his image and in his eyes you are flawless.

You’re not supposed to be an image of someone else.

He wants you to embrace your entire being and find true joy in the life he has given you.

He wants your body to tell a story of adventures, mistakes, babies, love, triumph, contentment, hurt.

You were never meant to remain small so He gave you the entire world as your playground.

Take up space.

Fill a room with your laughter.

Wear your bathing suit to the pool and jump in with your kids.

Do big and small things with great intention.

Dare yourself to be unafraid.

To let go of expections. 

To remember, 

you are perfect exactly as you are.

A stunning piece of art created by the king himself.



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She wanted to be loved in a way that was completely unconditional but all the love she found had strings.

She wanted to be looked at like a beautiful sunset falling into the smoothest ocean on a clear day but no one ever looked at her like that.

She wanted to be held in two arms that felt like safety. Once she was in them, her fears would melt away like ice cream on a hot day.

She journeyed for years, always searching. Always looking, yet all roads led back to her being alone.

She cried when others found what she wanted, not because she wasn’t happy for them, but because every time she felt that hole inside of her growing deeper and wider.

Oh how she longed to belong.

And then one day she stopped. Stopped looking. Stopped wanting and decided that maybe what she wanted wasn’t outside, in the world, but inside of her, waiting to be unlocked and then opened.

And so she sang and danced. She read books and ran. She drew pretty pictures and stood in rain storms. She became passionate about her life and all the things she could do.

And one day she realized how happy she was.

She celebrated life everyday and in turn life became a celebration.

Then one starry night, she found a road she hadn’t seen before and began to skip joyously down it, following with the light of the moonlit beams above.

This road went straight. It was an easy road.

At the end of it stood love.

When he saw her he said “There you are. I have been waiting quite awhile for you to find me, but first you had to find yourself.” Then he opened his arms wide, like giant wings, and she stepped into them and suddenly she was home.

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Set Free


She is not lost, just waiting to be discovered. 

She wanders aimlessly, looking into the mirror for answers.

Considering her reflection as a way to tell the truth about herself. 

But her reflection is just that, a reflection of the outer self. 

A view of just a small piece of the entire part.

If only she would look inward, the truth would be revealed

and that glass mirror would shatter, it’s meaning gone.

She would be set free from her own restraints

and her life would have new meaning. 

She just hasn’t discovered this truth yet, but she will soon. 

And when she does, watch out,

because the world will get to see her bloom. 

And her garden will be so full of beauty

where once there were just seeds waiting to be planted. 



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Stop waiting before it’s too late.



We are all waiting for something. 

To be Thinner. 

To be Happier. 

To be Richer. 

To be More Fulfilled. 

What if one day, on our death beds, our bodies nearly paralyzed from old age, we were only waiting for death to come and take us. 

Would we look back on our lives and see that we never stopped waiting?

If only we had lost the weight, we’d have worn that bathing suit. The one hidden in the back of the drawer that we always told ourselves “next year”. 

If only we’d had more money we would’ve been more fulfilled, led a happier life. We made money, but it was never enough so that we were rich (or so we thought). 

And lying there in that bed, your body nothing like it used to be, a weaker version of the once strong counterpart, would you be glad that you had waited? That you were never enough to be enough. 

The bathing suit eventually got thrown away and never enjoyed the suns warm rays or the splash of cool water. While our children and husband played on the shore and swam in the deep, we sat in a chair on the sidelines, watching, wishing, waiting.

The job we had, finally ended in retirement. We had so many years clocked at a place that took up a huge portion of our lives but we never really enjoyed one day of it. We were too busy wishing for more, never really seeing how blessed we were to have this job in the first place. After all it provided us our homes, cars, food, clothes and so much more. 

Lying there in that dark hospital room, hearing the beeping of the monitors, the steady rhythm of our heartbeat, surely we will wish we had stopped waiting to participate in our life. We will weep, saddled with regret. Things like being thin enough to wear a bathing suit or having more money will seem so small and insignificant in the end. In the sum of life, we will know how little these things truly meant, but it will be much too late to fix it. 

Right now, before it is no longer an option to live without the restrictions of old age, you have two choices:

1. Keep waiting

2. Start living today

The one you choose will determine everything.


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The Becoming

As I watched the leaves falling to the ground, the breath of wind loosening them from their branches, I felt pieces of myself falling away as well. Things I needed to let go of. Things holding me back from reaching my full potential. In that moment as I sat and stared at the changing world and the dawn of a new season, not only was I witnessing the coming of Fall but also the becoming of ME.

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When I was young I used to wish upon stars. I’d look up at that vast, inky blue above me and as soon as I spotted that first star, I would make a wish. Most parts of me really believed that it could come true. When you are young, before you have truly started to walk your path in life, you can be naive. You are still innocent, unhurt, vulnerable and you want so badly to take life in your hands and mold it into the shape you desire. Years, days, form you instead and life takes a shape of it’s own. Oftentimes, you find yourself traveling down roads you once thought of as dead ends only to find they curve and twist into longer roads that lead to different paths. As you age you realize that you cannot count on wishes to always come true and stars to grant your deepest desires. It takes more than a mere thought to shape a dream. I still love when night falls upon the earth with millions of tiny white dots poking holes through the blackness. I still search out that first bright white star and gaze into it. Only I don’t wish on it. I simply admire it’s beauty and the glow that surrounds it. As the years have added up and I have become older, I know that stars are not wish granters that hold some magic power. That power comes from within me and I am responsible for the decisions I make that lead to the roads I walk, that in the end, will shape my journey, will shape me. The stars are merely a beautiful distraction that help guide me. Small lights aglow, when my path grows dark.

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Join the nail revolution

If you’re anything like me, when it comes to all things beauty you love to save a buck or two while not compromising quality. I have used almost everything out there when it comes to hair, make-up and nails. Having my cosmetology degree, I get to visit ‘special stores’ and get half-off name brand products. It really is awesome! I have my favorite brands of shampoo and styling products. My make-up routine is pretty much down, but when it came to my nails, nothing ever lasted. I used to frequent nail salons for acrylics or gels but hated the damage they left behind. Plus I was having to go in every 2-3 weeks and that wasn’t very cheap. 

Today I can confidently say that I have found the perfect solution to having pretty, long lasting nails that are completely inexpensive ~ Jamberry. In fact, I was so impressed with this product that I decided to sign up as a consultant. I have the best of both worlds, beautiful nails that afford for me to be a stay at home mom!!!! 

So what the heck is Jamberry? Glad you asked. We are most well known for our nail wraps, which are non-toxic and made from a high quality vinyl that adheres to your natural or artificial nails for a water tight seal. They never chip, smudge or budge. And there is no dry time. (my favorite part). Here is a graphic that explains it:



Here are some examples of what our nail wraps look like on hands:

Our nail wraps come on a sheet that offers different sizes so you can be sure to get the perfect fit. Each sheet will give you 2 manicures and 2 pedicures, PLUS you’ll have some accent nails left over.


All this for the cost of a cup of coffee at Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts! Each sheet is $ 15.00 or $ 3.75 per application. We also offer a pretty awesome deal ~  Buy 3 sheets, get 1 sheet free. That lowers the cost of each application and you have enough sheets to last you for 8 months worth of manis and pedis. 



Each manicure will last you for up to 2 weeks and each pedicure will last for up to 5-6 weeks, with absolutely no upkeep. Amazing, right?!!! I think so!

They are super easy to apply too! You can do them right at home, in as little as 20-30 minutes. You can start off using a blow dryer, although we do have a mini heater that I highly recommend. It distributes heat evenly and it is really quiet.


Besides that you just need alcohol wipes or polish remover, an orange stick, a cuticle pusher and manicure scissors. That’s it!



We also offer gels and lacquers, nail and foot care products and our newest product, Colour Cure! Color Cure is a gel/lacquer hybrid. It goes on like a polish, has the staying power of a gel, then removes like a polish (with a bit of polish remover and a cotton pad) in as little as 3-5 minutes. It’s the first of it’s kind and it’s pretty much the bomb diggity. (If I do say so myself).


If you are interested in trying out Jamberry, I would love to send you a sample. Email me at

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No dry time. No expensive salon visits. Non toxic nails. Pinterest worthy designs. Weeks of wear with no upkeep. Nails that fit your unique style. 

Give Jamberry a try today.