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A yummy soup to warm your soul


Ever since I can remember I have looked forward to the arrival of Fall with abundant excitement. Chilly weather. Fluffy sweaters. Tall boots. Cozy scarves wrapped loosely around my neck, blanketing me in warmth. And soup. After all, what better way to really warm up from the inside out than with a delicious bowl of warm soup. (and some warm buttered bread on the side, of course).

Even before the sprinkles of leaves begin to rain down on my lawn and the view from my window is a golden orange forest of trees, I am preparing for colder weather.

As a busy mom and wife one of my ultimate go to’s is my crockpot. My forever faithful dinner companion that makes life easier. I throw in some ingredients in the morning, go about my day and by the time my husband is walking through the door, a rich aroma fills the entire house and dinner is ready to be served. Literally. It sounds kind of magical doesn’t it? (It kind of it).

This taco soup recipe is one I make every year, several times actually and it is a family favorite. I love topping it with shredded sharp cheddar, a dollop of sour cream and a dusting of crushed tortilla chips. Yum! 

If you are feeling really adventurous, you can add corn bread as a side. (It pairs wonderfully). 

So there you go, from my kitchen to yours.

Sitting at the table, with loved ones gathered around, may this savory soup, warm not just your bodies but also your souls.

Enjoy ~

Here’s the recipe: